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There are a ton of applications, products and what-nots that are designed to make business easier. It’s overwhelming to consider them all, the various platforms, and the ins and outs of what they all do before shelling out the cost of the program or the monthly fee that many charge. That’s the inspiration behind this, the first in a series of many, product review. Why not hear from those who use it first? This is a place to get the good, bad and ugly truth about things before you buy.

Let’s start with Endicia. I should begin by saying that I’m a bit frugal. I don’t like to spend money on things to get a little bit of value, or a little bit of gained efficiency. If I’m going to spend my hard earned money on something for my business it needs to work well, be a solid value and I need to gain significant efficiency as a result. The ROI must be outstanding, otherwise, it’s just as easy to do it myself the old fashioned way.

For me, Endicia was something I considered for about a year before taking the plunge. Paypal shipping is slow, requires several clicks to do anything and it’s cumbersome if you are printing a lot of packages on a regular basis. I found it to be tedious and the fact that Multi-ship constantly crashes on me means that I end up printing labels individually and that’s time consuming. But, Endicia is $9.95/month and that’s just for the base plan. If you are on a mac or want more features you are looking at $15.95 up to $34.95/mo. That’s a lot just to print a shipping label. The price was too high for me to jump in without a darn good reason, but paypal shipping finally did me in.

The great news is that Endicia does more for me than just ship packages. It’s an honest to goodness time saver and makes everything about shipping easy. Let’s start with the actual shipping. Just copy and paste the address from the paypal details page, enter the weight, type of package and hit print. It’s made easy with drop down menus and all the options are on the same screen so there is no back and forth. Insurance, customs forms, and all other package details can be found right on the main shipping screen. That in itself is a time saver.

There is a detailed, easy to use and update shipping log. Ever get an email from a customer asking about a package? I always hated going into Paypal to search for their email and pull up the correct item, get the tracking number, then to go USPS.com to track. It’s a mess. With Endicia, you just pull up your shipping log (which is a button right on the main shipping window) and you get a shipping log for any time period you want. With one click you can check delivery on as many packages as you like, or just one, your choice. It’s easy to see at a glance what has delivered and what hasn’t and just one click gives you the shipping details if you need them.

It syncs with your address book so if you have repeat customers, you just type their name into an address field on the main shipping window (are you getting that the main shipping window has everything you need yet?) and it auto fills their address, as well as their email if you have it loaded. And if you have their email loaded, you can have a customized email sent to them automatically with all the shipping info they need and a personalized thank you message.

If you ship internationally, it’s definitely a must have. You can print custom forms directly from Endicia and it has all international shipping options including First Class, unlike Paypal which only has Priority. No more going to the post office. Print everything from home, request a carrier pick-up on USPS.com and leave your packages for your carrier to take. Not going to the post office might be the best thing about this app.

There are obviously numerous things I love about Endicia (did I mention that insurance is cheaper?), but if you get only one thing from this review, let it be this—Endicia will significantly decrease the amount of time you spend shipping packages. And we all know, there is nothing more precious than time.


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